Tuesday, May 31, 2011

M-Audio BX5a - Bi-Amps Are What Makes The Difference

Studio reference monitors can easily cause arguments among audio engineers. There are many different opinions on what the perfect speaker should have. Should you spend money on a great sounding pair of speakers that have their own unique sound? What if you do a mix on them and your music doesn't sound so good when played through some other speakers?

The fact is any decent studio, large or small will not ever just rely on one pair of speakers, that's just too risky. You need a crappy pair because most people listen to music on this kind of system, whether in a car, portable player, headphones etc. Maybe not really bad system but we're not talking about audiophiles here.

You need another pair that are pretty good with no coloration in the tone, but a nice natural response. Fortunately there are very decent studio monitors that fall into this later category and without a big price tag. After much research and testing I can say the M-Audio Studiophile BX5a's do a very nice job of this.

M-Audio has found their place in the market, delivering good equipment at a very good price. They're not competing with the high-end market where components are in the $1000's range but rather manufacturing products for the professional musician and home recording project studio.

Let's face it, if we all had to spend a few grand for every component needed to put together a home recording studio most of us would never get it finished!

The Difference is in the BX5a's Bi-Amps

What you won't find in lower speaker models such as the M-Audio AV40's is the bi-amp system. This means that both the high end and the low end speakers have their own dedicated power which makes for a much better efficiency in frequency response.

This equals better sound and that's what it's all about. The lower-end speakers have a single amp driving power to both the high and low speakers making them sound not as clean.

Considering that the M-Audio Studiophile 70 watt BX5a's cost about $100 more than the AV40's it's well worth the difference when you hear these two studio reference monitors side by side.

Depending on budget and room size M-Audio also makes the Studiophile BX5a Deluxe which means that they've added even more power making this deluxe model 130 watts power rating.

Regardless of which studio monitor you'll be using on your upcoming mixes, wattage rating aside, don't by-pass the bi-amp!

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