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Adapting A Book To A Screenplay - Indulge In An Audio Visual Experience

Adapting a book to a screenplay can be a rewarding experience for the creative individual who wants to incorporate audio-visual mediums to bring the still characters of a book to life. As a short narration of the entire book, screenplay writing must be carefully planned to capture not only the actions but also the thoughts of characters involved.

While adapting a book into a screenplay, important points of differences between a screenplay and a book must be understood:
1. A book is narrative while a screenplay is to be performed with audio-visual aids.
2. A book contains about 60,000 - 150,000 words on an average, however a screenplay cannot exceed a certain specified word limit. A screenplay is usually 85-125 pages long.
3. A book follows a certain writing style while a screenplay lacks literary prose.
4. A book is an in-depth description of all the characters and other biographical details while screenplays lack that advantage.

Thus, a very important step to begin screenplay writing is to decide what is to be included and what needs to be cut out.

Pointers to be noted while reading a book for its conversion into a screenplay:
• The opening story page
• The key characters

• The essential scenes
• The central conflicts
• The critical dialogue that leaves a lasting impression
• Two or more scenes that can be clubbed together
• Minor characters that can be easily avoided
• Lengthy descriptions to be dispensed off

Essentials of an Ideal Screenplay
While adapting a book into a screenplay, certain elements of a screenplay should be added such as:
• Use of short sentences intermixed with vital dialogue to create a paragraph of action
• The most outstanding scene can be used as the opening page of the screenplay
• Combine two or more related scenes and present them as one descriptive scene
• Invention of new scenes, if required to act as a bridge between two story elements
• Change of telephonic conversations in personal meetings to create a better impact on the story line.
• Use of voice over narration enhances the experience of the audience

Adapting a book to a screenplay can prove to be a gratifying experience, however most people lack skills and technical knowledge to produce a screenplay with an edge. If the conversion of a book into a screenplay is your dream and you don't have the knowledge or experience needed, don't mess it trying. Instead hire a professional screenplay writer to work with you and to provide with a screenplay writing experience that gives you experience as well as a finished product.

Benefits of professional screenplay writers:
• They possess the knowledge and a creative eye towards adapting a book to a screenplay
• They will utilize a professional screenplay software to produce the ideal appearance of a screenplay
• They are experienced in presenting a screenplay flawlessly.
• They are also experts in creating a story in a flow and giving visual details to the biographical descriptions of a book.
• They can incorporate modern film pacing techniques to the narrative story of a book.
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