Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Audio Visual Production - How To Plan a Successful Event

Anyone who has been responsible for planning an event knows that selecting the venue and planning the schedule is only half the battle. The perceived success of the event, whether it's a large business meeting, a workgroup retreat, a consultation, a sales event or a training session, depends on it running smoothly and making a lasting, positive impression on the participants.

Your event can't be a success without top quality content. However, content isn't enough. The technology needs to be integrated smoothly and seamlessly. Presentations, videos and recording methods have to work properly. The event should look good, as well.

Slideshows, graphical aids and videos need to be fully visible and audible to every member of the audience. All of the content - spoken and shown - should be easily accessible to offsite as well as onsite participants. Ideally, all of the content should be available for review at a later date, archived into a well organised, well edited electronic audio and video format online, or at least as a CD or DVD.

Minimising Risk

As an event organiser, you may very well be looking for ways to take advantage of internet-based audio and video communication for offsite personnel. You will almost certainly be looking for ways to minimise the risk of technical oversights and failures.

Is your staff up to the challenge? They are likely unfamiliar with the venue. Setting up and running event technology is not their main job. The equipment your company owns may not even be fully compatible with your most up to date computer and communications technology.

To minimise risk, hire experts in audio-visual technology and implementation. Consultants who can provide both equipment and expertise for large meetings and events are available in all the major markets. These experts know the venues and can give you access to the latest technology, just when you need it. Technical event planning is their specialty.

Adding Value

When you hire technical consultants for the audio and visual aspects of your event, you can choose to go beyond the basics. For very little extra investment, the setting of the event can be optimised for both appearance and video readiness. Make your event look professional and strengthen your message with proper lighting and well prepared presentation areas.

You'll reap the benefits of the professional technical planning both during and after the event. It's easy to add video production and editing onto a technical management package. Imagine a CD or website where all of the presentations and support materials are available in an easily searchable, well integrated format. Visual aids will appear next to well produced videos of the speakers. Each presentation will be indexed and divided into parts. It's perfect for use as an aid in training staff and as an easily accessible archive of the event.

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