Monday, April 20, 2009

Blu Ray Players Technology

BDA or the Blu Ray Disc association overlooks the technological developments that have been talking place in the field of Blu Ray Technology in the recent years. Blu Ray players and Blu Ray Disks are the latest in optical storage media technology that the world has to offer today. There are basically two kinds of blu ray discs that are currently available in the market today- the single sided disk having a capacity of 25 GB and the double sided disk, which has the capability of storing up to 50 GB of data at any given point in time.

The reason for development of blu ray technology has been cited as the surge in HDTV viewing and the demand for more storage space on disks. Blu ray disks mostly contain High Definition data, movies and images, which can be easily played using a blu ray player and can be viewed on any system offering HDTV resolutions. The 50 GB discs are mostly used in the gaming industry for holding HDTV PS3 games, which would otherwise need a lot of DVDs in order to be stored on disk. Blu ray players are so named because a blue-violet laser beam is used to read and write data in this case, contrary to the red/green laser beams in the case of older existing optical reading technologies such as VCDs and DVDs.

The main reason as to why blu ray discs can hold more data is because the wavelength of the beam used in this case is low, which allows the beam to focus on a smaller area on the disk for reading data. This allows for more data to be written in the same space. That is, the data can be more closely packaged on the disk and this, is the main reason as to why blu ray disks have exponentially more storage capacity as compared to their older counterparts.

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