Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Setting Up Your Vizio 50 Plasma

You are extremely excited and just can't wait to get home. Your brother bought a Vizio 50 and you loved his set up. The home entertainment configuration he had has inspired you to do your own. He had the plasma television mounted on his wall and a stereo system to die for. He mentioned something about cables but you weren't listening. You were too busy staring at the picture on the screen. You didn't that Lord of the Rings could get any better.

So now you are home with your newly purchased television and you were wishing sorely you had asked your brother and maybe a few of his friends to help out. You wanted to make sure you got the most out of your Vizio 50. But you are now at a loss on how to proceed.

For starters, you can't even get the thing out of your dad's truck you had borrowed for the occasion since you were pretty sure your whole car wasn't 50 inches. The thing must weigh over two hundred pounds is what you are thinking. In reality, you later learn it is over three hundred pounds. But now as you are looking around your home, you realize that even though your brother assured you the wall mounts were a safe alternative to having the beast on the floor, you didn't want to take down any of your favorite artwork. Plus, even though you know he's right and everyone has assured you it won't fall,, you are sure to worry about it instead of enjoying your movie.

So you go back and get a stand for your TV and they gave you one that will help keep your television from falling on its beautiful high definition screen and that goes with the rest of the furniture, and you have arranged for help to meet you at your house.

You finally get the stand put together, and your TV on it, and you realize you weren't sure if your old home could keep up with the power drain or would influx too much. Another trip to the store and you have the protector that is right for your television set and you know that you will get the longest lasting viewing pleasure available.

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