Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Rise of LCD Televisions

LCD televisions make use of the most advanced television technology of the modern era. The technology employed in LCDs and the features provided are quite advanced, making LCDs an object of desire amongst high-quality picture enthusiasts. All the major companies are investing heavily in Research and Development of better and more efficient LCD technology and LCDs are all set to give the Plasma televisions a run for their money. LCDs offer a sharper picture quality and a better resolution. After being accepted the world over, companies now want to embed the LCD monitor technology into producing LCD televisions. LCD monitors have been a success all over the world and it is expected that LCD TVs are also going to sweep other television products in the market, off their feet.

Year after year, we have seen that the size of screens employing LCD technology is increasing and the cost, is simultaneously decreasing. HDTV and High Definition Picture viewing are forcing companies to invest in researching for better LCD products and the competition ins tapping this virtually untapped market is making the companies indulge in price wars. The result of this business setting is that the end consumer is now getting excellent quality at unmatched and never-before-heard prices.

There are a number of specifications that you should consider before choosing an LCD television for yourself. Shape, size and cost are three of the most important aspects that need to be considered while buying an LCD screen. Besides, color depth (the number of colors that can be displayed by the TV set) and the response time are important technical aspects of choosing an LCD TV. If the response time is slow, the television screen might give a blurred effect while displaying fast moving pictures. Finally, the design and the brand name (after sales service) should be looked at.

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